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If you want to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, you need to promote yourself online. Thought leaders are those who are considered experts in their field, and they have a lot of knowledge and insight to share with others. 

If you want to become known as a thought leader, you need to start by promoting your content online. But how can you promote your thought leadership online? 

There are many ways to promote your thought leadership online. In this blog post, we will discuss nine of the best ways to do so. If you want to become known as an expert in your field, you need to start by promoting your content online. By doing so, you will reach a larger audience and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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Atiba de Souza: Let's talk about video promotion. You've created a video and you've put it out on YouTube. And now three people have watched it in the last week and you're thinking, "Okay. How do I get more people to watch this video?" Welcome to Thoughts on Thought Leadership. I am your host Atiba. And today we're gonna be talking about video promotion. You've created some thought leadership content, and you want to promote that video online. What should you do? How should you get more eyeballs on it? Because ultimately you created this video so that your audience, your ideal audience can consume it and learn from you because that's what you've got a passion for.

You want to help your audience learn and grow. So, three people watching it just doesn't cut it. How do we promote this video? Well, I've got seven. Yep, count 'em. Seven things that you can do. Seven. And the beauty of it is five of them are super easy. Well, okay. Maybe not super easy. Five of them are in your control and not that difficult. 

I won't say super easy. And the other two require a little bit of help, but with the right focus, you can get these done too. All right. So let's jump into these seven things that you can do. But before we do actually do me a favor. Hit that like and subscribe button for me. All right.

So number one. You can turn that video that you created into a blog. Now I know that sounds like a ton of work. And I said that these were easy. I said, okay, they're doable. I didn't say it was super easy. Okay. How can you turn it into a blog? Well, when you created the video, you probably had an outline that you were following.

You have a title to the video that you created. You have the video itself. And truthfully using tools, which I link some down below like Rev.com or my personal favorite Descript. You can actually take that video and get the transcript of your video. So now, you have the title of your video. You have the video itself.

You have the outline of your video. You have the transcript. The words that you actually said in the video, and you might even have a call to action. Something that can help your audience, a link that they should follow. Something that they should do at the end of your video. You have all of those elements.

If you take all of those elements by themselves and put them together, you have a blog post, my friend. Yes. You have a blog post. That's all it takes. You already have everything you need to create the blog post. That's a basic blog post that you can post on your website today about the video that you've already created.

And you already have all of the assets for. Now, can you take it one step further and say you "Okay, I wanna take that outline. And I actually wanna write more and write a full block." Absolutely, but you don't have to. You absolutely don't even have to do go that far. You can just post the outline completely up to you.

So that's number one, you can turn that video into a blog. Number two. Video is what? It's visual plus audio. Well, what happens if we take the video off of video, then we just get the audio? Well, if we just have the audio, what can we do with just the audio? We could do the number two thing on the list. We can create a podcast.

Yep. You can create a podcast. Now we use captivate.fm to manage and host all of our podcast. There are tons of podcasting platforms out there, but that's our personal favorite. We also will put a link to that down below for you. So number two, you can turn that video into a podcast in order to help promote your video.

In order to help promote your video. Now with the podcast, you get a podcast description. In that description, take the description that you use when you post it on YouTube. Use that as a description and then put a link to the YouTube video into the podcast description. That's how you promote your video.

That's number two, podcast. Number three. Number three. You're gonna share it on social media. Now, what do I mean by share it on social media? Can you take a 15 minute video and put it on Instagram? Yeah. Okay. That's probably not wise. That's probably not wise. Can you put it on TikTok? No, you can't. Should you put it on Twitter?

Probably not. LinkedIn might be okay with it. Facebook, probably not either because Facebook likes original content. It doesn't want you to repost a YouTube video onto Facebook. So you probably can't take the original content and put it in too many places on social media, but here's what you can do. You can take your original content and you can take snippets of it, soundbites from it and post those on other social media channels.

You can take really smart things and quotes that you say and create graphics out of those quotes and post those on other social media channels. And then in the captions, talk about the fact that this came from a video that you did that's posted on YouTube and drive them to the video so that they can go watch the video on YouTube. So you can share it on many different social media platforms.

That's number three. Number three. And I know, that one probably takes a little bit more work than the podcast and definitely more work than the blog post, but it is worth it. It is worth it to figure out what other social media platforms your audience is consuming information on and put your content there too.

It's absolutely worth it. It's worth it to repurpose your videos and put them on those other social media platforms. That's number three. Number four. You can create a newsletter. Yeah. Create a newsletter. You may have points in this video. Expound on some of those points, especially if you have the transcript, you can just take snippets of points and put them in a newsletter and send that out to your email list.

You could even take multiple videos and make multiple points in a newsletter and send it out to your email list. They'll get it. They'll read it. You put a link to the video. Now they go off the YouTube to watch your video. And you are promoting your video content. You're promoting your thought leadership on a topic.

That's all it takes, guys. That's all it takes. That's number four. Create a newsletter and send it out to your email list. Number five. Number five. You can add it to your email signature. Absolutely. Let's say you create a great video and people should watch that video, put it in your email signature. Edit your email signature and put a link to my latest video in your email signature, put a link to whatever question you answered.

Put it in your email signature and have people click on it. Great way. Great, subtle way. Great way that doesn't take a lot of work to promote your thought leadership and video content that you've created. Okay. That you've created. Okay. So those were the five and I told you the first five were things you can control.

I did say that was super easy. Some of them — come on, let's be honest, adding to an email signature that is super easy. Right? That is super easy, right? Some of 'em take a little bit more work, but these are all things that you can control with every single video that you create. Now, the next two. The next two, six and seven, these require a little bit of outside help. Little bit of outside help, but they are worth it.

So number six, forums and communities. Hey, listen. Your ideal customer, the person who should be buying from you, the person who you would love to work with, they are online somewhere in forums, asking questions. They're somewhere online in forums, reading answers to questions that other people have asked that they have themselves.

What if when they went to those forums, they read your answer? What if when they went to those forums, they saw your video? Guys, that is the beauty of forums. And I'm just gonna name two of them for you, Reddit and Cora. Reddit and Cora. Now there are tons of forums out there, but these are two of the largest where people go to get answers to questions from other real people and you are a real person. 

Yes. You also own a company, but you're also a real person. So you can go to those forums. Find questions and answer those questions with your video. Answer those questions with your video. Absolute wonderful way to get in front of your ideal customer in a place where they want you to get in front of them.

And the best part is, it's free. It's absolutely free to do. Why wouldn't you do it? It does take some time. Not gonna lie to you. It does take some time, but absolutely worth it. Then number seven. Number seven. You can write for online publications or other blogs. Now this requires you finding publications that are going to want you to write for them that are looking for people to produce content for them.

It requires research to find them. It requires you pitching yourself to them. It requires them accepting you. And then you creating new content about the video that you've already created to drive people to that video 'cause it has to be original content. They're not gonna want recycled or repurposed content.

Yes. You may be able to link to that video, but they're going to want your original thoughts as well. So it does take more work. Now those are the seven things that you can do to promote your thought leadership and video content that you create online. Now you're gonna ask me a question. Okay. That all sounds great, but it's a lot. Seven things, that's a lot. How do I manage all of this? 

Well, we've created a tool to help you manage some of this and we wanna offer it to you for free. We call it our repurposing tool because what it does is help you figure out how to take a video piece of content that you created. And repurpose it and use it in tons of different other ways so that you can promote that video.

If you want that tool, we've also linked it down below. And again, I'm gonna say it again. It is free. We are offering this to you because we know how hard it is to do this. Even though these are seven individual things that by themselves, none of them are really that hard to do, putting 'em all together.

It's a lot. It's a lot when you put it all together. So we've developed this tool to help you jump that hurdle so that you too can promote your content online. All right, everybody, I'll talk to you real soon. Bye bye.


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