Top 5 Reasons Why Business Owner Hire Virtual Assistants

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What are the reasons to hire a virtual assistant?

If you're a business owner or entrepreneur, you know how difficult it can be to juggle all of your responsibilities. But what if you could hire a virtual assistant?

Virtual Assistants are the newest members to the business team. They help businesses and entrepreneurs manage their time, increase productivity and delegate responsibilities that otherwise would be difficult for businesses with no time for managing their tasks.

There are many reasons why business owners hire VAs.

In this episode, I will share the top five reasons why business owners hire VAs.

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Atiba de Souza: I've got five reasons why you, as a business owner, need to hire a VA.

Hey, welcome to the Build Your Team show where we discuss all the ins and outs of how to build the best teams for your business. And today we're going to dive into five reasons. Five reasons why you, as a business owner, should hire a VA. 

I'm your host Atiba and if you're here and you've seen any of my content, do me a favor, hit that "like" button down below. Hit the "subscribe" button so you can get that, those notifications and stuff. And that little bell icon when new videos come out because I'm here to go through all the ins and outs and the best practices of building teams. I've been doing it for a ton of years.  

Okay, so let's jump into these five reasons and, and trust me, stay all the way to the end, because number five is not what you think. You're going to want to hear number 5. 

Okay, so number 1, number 1, our number 1 reason here is because they minimize costs. You know, the reality of hiring a VA over an employee is, VAs are just flat out cheaper. Even if you pay a higher hourly rate to your VA than you would an employee, you don't have any overhead. You don't have any payroll taxes. You don't have to worry about office space because they're going to be working remotely, okay? You don't have to pay for internet connections and all that other stuff. 

There's a lot of overhead costs that you don't have to worry about when you have a virtual assistant versus an employee that you actually have to take care of, okay? So that's number 1. You're going to minimize the costs. You're going to get work done, and you're going to minimize the costs and that.  

So that leads me to number 2, is VAs can help you increase efficiency. Now they can only help you increase efficiency if you have good procedures in place. So I've talked a lot about that. I've got a ton of other videos. There'll be some link down below as well of talking about efficiency that I've done. You've got to have great efficiency in your business for a VA to come in and pick up your systems and be able to run with it to really help you.

If you don't, if your business is a junky cluttery mess in terms of the way it works, then guess what? The virtual assistant will be a junky cluttery mess as well because that's what you put them in. They may help you organize a bit but if you didn't have it upfront, they can't just come in and provide it for you. You've got to have some direction for them. So that's reason number 2. They can help you increase efficiency. 

Number 3. They can help you increase your personal level of productivity. Productivity. Now, I've said on a ton of videos that every solution creates a new problem. Well, that's true here too. And productivity is the new problem that a VA can help you with because while they take a lot of stuff off of you, and they can be more efficient and just take a lot of the mental load, depending on the task that you give them off of you, one of the things that comes out of that is your ability to focus on the business more. Your ability to focus on what's important and growing the business and not just all of the task of working in the business. And so you, my friend, will become more productive. That's assuming though that you actually take that time because some people, I've seen this happen, they hire a VA, they, they say "Oh, go do all this work". And they have the VA do all, all these different things for them. And then they stopped being productive and the company stops growing. And then they turn around and blame the VA and say "You didn't have my company grow!". Well, no, it's not the VA's fault. It's yours. Because while they help take things off of your plate, you have to become more productive. You've got to become more productive. 

Number 4. Let's move on to number 4. VAs often can provide you greater skills. So one of the beauties here is you may be managing, I'm gonna give you this example, you may be managing your own social media right now and you may not be very good at it. You may have a really good idea of what you want and what you want your social media to be, and how you want to be presented on social media, and how you want to talk on social media, and what your goals are for social media. You should know that, okay? And you should also be able to be, to look yourself in the mirror and say "But I kind of suck at doing this. I know what I want but I suck at getting it. And it's taken me a ton of time and it's difficult for me".

And so maybe you hire someone to help you with your social media, a VA to help you with your social media. That's wonderful! That's absolutely wonderful if they have greater skills than you. And that's one of the things that the VA can provide for you, is if you already have processes in place, going back to point number 2, efficiency. 

If you already have what you want done, and you have it all laid out, you know what you want done, then you can hire a VA who has greater skill in that area than you do, and have them run those systems for you. That my friends, will help you. That will help your business grow. That would help move you along, which is what you want. So that's number 4. 

Now, number 5. I told you stay to the end for number 5 and so I'm glad that you're still here and you're still waiting for number 5, because number 5 is the big one. Because here's the deal. Here's the deal. If you go on just about any virtual assistant agency website, almost all of them. And you look at what they list as their benefits, one of the things that they say is that you can hire, and they may not say it in these words, but they'll say some similar words, virtual assistants will help you achieve balance in life.

I remember some years ago there was this guy who, he had these ads on YouTube and these ads were him just lounging and having a great time, with him and his wife and his kids. And he's like "You know, I can do this. And my business is running because I hired a virtual assistant, and they run my entire company, and now I get to travel and do everything. And I don't-- you know, I work 2 hours a week". Yeah, that's a lie! That's an absolute lie! 

So my number 5 reason for hiring a VA is don't hire them to achieve balance in your life, okay? Understand they will not help you achieve balance. That's an absolute lie! Let's go back to what we talked about in number 3. Number 3, increase level of productivity of your own productivity. Because when you hire this VA to do their job, if they're good, they do their job. If you set them up for success, you've given good processes, you've set out great goals for them, and they're good at their job, and they're achieving their job, they're going to create more work for you. They're going to create more opportunity for you and more opportunity for you, more opportunity for your company does not mean that you now will be sitting, sipping Mai Tais in Tahiti. It does not mean that. It doesn't! 

And I know that's not what you want to hear and you're thinking "Well why do I hire a virtual assistant?". Because you're building a team so that your business can grow. Because right now your business needs to grow. Your business needs to grow to a place and to a point, okay? Where it is ready to start to scale.

And you're not there yet. You're not there yet! When you get to that point where your business is ready to start to scale, then you'll start to hire people who can do what you do. Who can actually replace what you bring to the company. You want to go sip Mai Tais on the beach? No problem! Find someone who can lead your company like you do. That's how you end up sipping Mai Tais on the beach. Not by hiring a virtual assistant. 

So my number 5 reason is you don't hire them in order to achieve work-life balance. Anyone who's telling you hire a VA and they'll help you achieve work-life balance is lying to you. They're absolutely, absolutely lying.

Okay. So those are my five tips, guys, all right? Or five reasons, rather, of why you hire a virtual assistant. Number 1, they minimize costs. Number 2, they increase efficiency in your company. Number 3, they increase your own personal level of productivity. Number 4, they can provide you with greater skills than you have or anyone else on your team has, right now in a specific specified area. And number 5, you hire them not to achieve work-life balance. Nope. No work-life balance. Don't do it. Don't do it. It's not going to work out. You're only going to frustrate yourself. It's not going to work. 

All right, everybody! Hope this was helpful for you. If it was, go ahead hit that "like button". Go ahead hit that subscribe. Hit that bell. And also remember we've got some other videos linked down below. If you want to learn about, about increasing efficiency, learning about SOPs and that type of thing, we talk about that type of stuff here on this channel because this is all about building the ideal team. And you can't have a great team if you don't have standard operating procedures for them to follow. 

All right, everybody! I'll see you soon. Bye bye!

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