Attention all entrepreneurs! Building a team is crucial to the success of your business. But how do you go about doing it? Tori Barker, the founder and CEO of Creative Marketing, shares her insights on building a strong team and how to manage it. In this video, you’ll learn about the challenges that Tori faced when hiring her first employee and the importance of trust in building a team.

Tori chose to hire a virtual assistant and shares her thoughts on how to succeed in a virtual workplace. She believes in getting to know employees personally, aligning with their core values, and nurturing them to become better. She encourages communication, trust, and autonomy, and discusses how to manage a team, both in-person and virtually.

Mistakes happen, and Tori shares how she deals with them when they arise. She takes responsibility for the mistake, corrects it, and uses it as a coaching tool to help employees rise to the occasion. She believes in having grace with her team members because everyone makes mistakes, and it’s important to nurture and encourage them rather than reprimanding them.

If you’re looking for advice on how to build a team, how to manage a team, and how to succeed in a virtual workplace, then this video is a must-watch. Tori Barker’s passion and empathy for building relationships and community shine through her advice and are a valuable source of inspiration for all entrepreneurs.

00:00 Intro
01:15 What challenges did Tori Barker face when hiring her first employee?
02:33 Why did Tori Barker choose to hire a virtual assistant?
03:30 Tori Barker’s approach to working with employees or contractors
05:14 How does Tori Barker deal with mistakes made by her team members?
07:39 How did she succeed in a virtual workplace?
10:19 What project management tool does Tori Barker use in her business?
13:27 What are Tori Barker’s core values and what characteristics does she look for in a person?
14:59 How did Tori Barker deal with the situation when your gut feeling about a hire was wrong?
18:09 What is Tori Barker’s approach to hiring and firing?
20:57 What does Tori Barker look for when observing team dynamics?
23:46 What is Tori Barker’s approach to building relationships with her team members?
25:13 What advice does Tori Barker give on connecting with someone on social media?
27:56 How to address direct disrespect from an employee flaunting their behavior on social media?
32:54 What is Tori Barker’s opinion on the importance of core values in team dynamics?
34:14 Who is Tori Barker and how to reach her?
36:25 Ending


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