Building an international team is a crucial aspect of expanding your business globally. Jeff Mendelson, a seasoned entrepreneur and host of the One Big Tip Podcast, understands the significance of building an international team firsthand.

With his extensive international business experience, Jeff has mastered the art of building successful teams that transcend borders and cultures. From his digital marketing company in Miami, FL, Jeff has developed a team strategy that caters to the diverse needs of startups and established businesses alike, focusing on lead generation and ROI-based initiatives.

In this video, Jeff Mendelson delves into the intricacies of building an international team. He shares valuable insights on how to navigate the challenges of working with other people from different countries, including addressing financial needs and supporting cross-border transactions.

Jeff emphasizes the importance of employee loyalty and corporate culture, especially during economic downturns, and provides practical advice on fostering a positive work environment that encourages growth and collaboration. He sheds light on adapting to generational changes in the workplace and the significance of effective communication.

As businesses become increasingly globalized, understanding how to effectively build and manage an international team is essential for success.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Billing issues and payment responsibilities in business
05:04 What payment methods does Jeff Mendelson use for hiring overseas?
06:11 How does Jeff Mendelson handle international transaction fees and regulations, especially in South Africa?
07:20 What was Jeff Mendelson experience working with a developer from Russia?
09:28 What influences employee loyalty during economic downturns?
10:25 What was Jeff Mendelson’s motivation to transition into entrepreneurship?
13:01 What is the key to creating a positive corporate culture?
15:44 How does Jeff Mendelson adapt to generational changes in their work environment?
17:03 What to consider when working with different cultures?
21:47 How to prepare for natural disasters and unforeseen events?
24:11 What is the key to avoiding disruptions in the workplace?
25:40 How to ensure operational preparedness and staffing flexibility?
27:05 What are the effects of offshore outsourcing on American workers?
30:20 What is the importance of hiring for fit and trust before considering skills?
31:15 Why is letting go of profitable clients important for team happiness, client satisfaction, and overall sustainability?
36:25 Where does Jeff Mendelson find his staff?
38:48 About Jeff Mendelson – Who is Jeff Mendelson?
39:56 Outro


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