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Crap!!! No One is Opening My Emails

Email open rates is one of the biggest problems we have in “owned traffic” marketing and Gmail does not make it any easier. Gmail is notorious for delivering emails to the dreaded “Promotions Folder”. Now in fairness the Promotions folder is way better than the Spam folder. But only about 20% of Gmail users even open their Promotions folder.

That means after you have done all the hard work to define your audience, speak to them where they are and get them on your email list Google will decide which folder to put your email in. And if it’s the Promotions folder…well your open rates will plummet and then Google will put even more of your emails in the Promotions Folder. Its a problem, for sure, but I just found something that will take us 1 step closer to a solution.

I was reading a blog by Brian Dean and he introduced me to a tool that I have to share with you!!!

Learn Which Folder your Emails Go to:

Are you still using Mailchimp or Constant Contact?

STOP!!!! Use Active Campaign instead..its WAY better

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