Do you want to learn from someone who has successfully built and grown a team from scratch? If so, then listen to the experiences of Rich Brooks, a successful entrepreneur who has learned valuable lessons on hiring employees, building and growing a team, and improving his leadership skills.

In this video, you will learn valuable insights from Rich Brooks on hiring employees, building and growing a team, and improving your leadership skills.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a successful entrepreneur who has been there and done that!

00:00 Intro
00:49 What was Rich Brooks’ experience like when he made his first hire?
03:10 What was Rich’s experience managing his first employee?
04:13 What made him hire another person a couple of months after hiring the first person?
05:24 What did he do when his company grew?
06:04 How to handle giving feedback to employees?
06:39 What challenges did Rich face in growing their company?
08:16 What did he do to improve his leadership skills and communication with his team?
09:28 What is the difference between leadership and management?
11:02 How did Rich’s focus on communication during Covid impact his team?
13:01 What is Rich Brooks’s leadership style?
13:47 How do you determine if someone fits before hiring them?
17:16 How do you deal with hiring mistakes?
22:30 Does being fired from a job imply that a person is hopeless?
23:59 Who is Rich Brooks and who do they serve?
27:02 Ending


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