“Atiba, how long should a video description be?”

I get this question a lot!!!!

So first of all, congratulations! Well done! You are now in the ’write a video description’ phase.

That indicates that you have finished making your video. You have already taken the first step in providing the world with valuable content by getting yourself or your business filmed.

Now, time to write the description.

Let me tell you, do not overthink.

Overthinking kills your creativity.

Here it is:

The length of a video description should be determined by the content of the video and the purpose of the description.

This should provide enough space to include all of the necessary information about the video, such as
✅ title
✅ the names of any people or organizations featured in the video
✅ a long summary of the main points covered in the video
✅ a Call To Action to tell the reader what to do next

Ultimately, the most important thing is to provide a clear and concise description that accurately reflects the content of the video and helps the viewer understand what they can expect to see and what they should do after the video

That’s it.


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