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So I’m on Google right now, and I am talking about TikTok SEO today. So you would go to Google and type in whatever you are talking about in your TikTok video. And when you do that, you’ll see Google tells you you should talk about TikTok tools and a TikTok SEO generator. Well, what’s a TikTok SEO generator?

Well, who knows? Let’s go research it and talk about it in our video. And TikTok Soul office, who, who knows where that is? Okay, so that’s not really seo, so you wouldn’t have included that one. Atiba. Hahaha. TikTok SEO keywords is one that you should talk about because keywords are super important when you’re talking about SEO for TikTok, all of these here, my friends, are keywords and you get to choose which ones you’re going to use in your video, but Google is giving you free suggestions as to what people are searching for that you should use.

I’m Atiba, the video content Superman. Follow me for more great tips and suggestions.

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