How to master content ideation for Tiktok?

It’s that time of the week again, you gotta create some content for TikTok and don’t know what to talk about, what do you do? You sitting there with blank space syndrome staring, wondering where do I go, how do I get started.

Well guess what? here comes chatGPT to the rescue. yes! ChatGPT will help you with your content ideation for Tiktok, really for any platform!

All You got to do, simple prompt. Go to chatGPT and type in “act as a social media content creator who’s an expert in (Your niche) create 10 topics that (your audience) will love”

Hit Enter and chatGPT is going to spit out 1- great topics for you.

I’m Atiba, the video content superman, follow me for more!

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