Knock knock! Opportunity is coming in 2023 🤩


you won’t benefit from it unless you are preparing for it!

LUCK is when opportunity meets preparedness.

It’s not about simply being in the right place at the right time, but about being ready and willing to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

And this is how you DON’T get opportunities coming your way:

❌ Don’t put yourself out there: If you don’t take risks or make an effort to seek out new opportunities, you’re unlikely to come across them.

❌ Don’t be open to change: If you’re resistant to change and unwilling to try new things, you may miss out on opportunities that require stepping outside of your comfort zone.

❌Don’t take care of yourself: If you’re not physically, mentally, or emotionally healthy, you may not have the energy or focus to pursue new opportunities.

❌ Don’t network or build relationships: Building strong professional relationships and networking can open up new opportunities, so if you don’t make an effort to connect with others, you may miss out on these chances.

❌ Don’t learn and grow: Opportunities often come to those who are continuously learning and growing, so if you’re not actively seeking out new experiences and knowledge, you may miss out on these chances.

I gave you a list of DON’Ts. Tell me WHAT WILL you do in 2023 to be prepared for your opportunities

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