Having a successful team is essential for businesses to grow and remain competitive, but building and managing a team can be a complex and challenging task. Fortunately, digital marketing strategist Megan Dougherty of One Stone Creative has developed a unique set of strategies for building and managing a successful team.

In the video, Megan Dougherty covers everything from the initial steps for building a team and the factors that need to be considered for high-quality hires to the differences between managing someone else’s team and managing your own.

With her vast experience in online business development and course creation, Dougherty has the knowledge and resources to help business owners navigate the process of building and managing a successful team.

00:00 Intro
01:17 How did Megan Dougherty start her business and when did she decide to hire?
03:32 What was the anxiety she felt in her business?
04:25 What was her perspective on getting a job for someone else?
04:45 What qualities were important in the ideal hire?
05:05 What is one of the company’s major values?
05:23 What factors need to be addressed for high-quality hires?
05:54 What’s the difference between managing someone else’s team and managing your own?
06:13 What is their company’s pricing strategy?
07:22 What is their main reason for raising prices?
08:22 What should be considered when building a team’s culture?
08:42 How do her past job experiences influence her current business approach?
10:37 What is the structure of her team like?
13:03 What’s her area of expertise when it comes to management?
15:17 She shares a story where learned something about managing a team
16:48 Why is it important to understand the patterns of communication?
18:54 How does she manage ongoing projects?
20:00 Why do you need to audit the tools you are using in your company?
22:21 How to identify any gaps or friction in your procedures?
25:13 What services do One Stone Creative have?
26:15 Ending


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