SOPs SOPs SOPs…over 90% of business failure is due to poor systems not poor people. 😕

Yall…I cant shout this ANY LOUDER….if you don’t have great SOPs for you business you are always going to be moments from disaster.

Geez Atiba…that’s harsh.

Actually, its not really.

Let’s look at your current reality…

❌ Things work most of the time

❌ When a key person is missing everything in their area stops

❌ When things don’t work, you don’t know why or have to spend a ton of time investigating (knowing who to blame does not mean you know why it did not work)

❌ Sometimes your team says “I’m Done” and you wonder how did they miss the mark so badly. They are happy and you are frustrated

❌ It takes forever to start a new person…in fact you probably have kept an old/bad person because its easier to deal with their mess than train someone new

Life is TOTALLY different with SOPs

✅ Everyone knows what the desired outcome/output is and has clarity

✅ When things go wrong….you can easily point to the step in the SOP that was missed or needs to be fixed

✅ Management becomes about fixing the system (SOP) vs blaming a human

✅ When your processes change…its easy for everyone to adjust

✅ Training is a “breeze”. You can give new staff your SOPs on their tasks and expect great output

I’ll even take this further…in the hiring process of creatives, we will often give them one of our SOPs and a project and see if they can follow the SOP and complete the project.

My friend, Megan uses SOPs to and does it in a unique way

What’s been your experience with SOPs!

Follow Megan: @oscpodcasting

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