Are you tired of conventional mental health treatments that only provide temporary relief? Are you curious about alternative therapies that can lead to lasting transformation?

Tina Marie and Momin Ahmad have a mission to improve mental health through their Neuroglow ketamine infusion clinic. Neuroglow, located in McKinney and Flower Mound, Texas, concentrates on providing psychedelic therapy to individuals who experience depression and anxiety. Tina and Momin has assisted numerous individuals who have exhausted all other treatment options, emphasizing scientific research and a secure environment.

In this video, you will gain insight into Tina and Momin’s voyage to transform mental health through psychedelic therapy.

00:00 What is Neuroglow?
00:21 How do you define Psychedelic Therapy?
00:47 What is their mission, and how do they help people?
01:14 Is Neuroglow just a business, or is it something more?
01:52 What is the therapy used for people who have tried everything and are considering giving up?
05:54 What led Tina Marie to seek out ketamine treatments and therapy?
07:33 What was Tina Marie’s experience like during the ketamine therapy?
08:19 How did Tina Marie feel about her life before trying ketamine therapy?
08:59 How can psychedelics change people’s lives?
10:03 What is the importance of defining goals before starting a treatment?
15:41 What is the company’s approach to mental health and how does it differ from traditional psychiatry?
18:26 What is the goal of Tina and Momin on people’s ketamine journey?
19:02 What is VETS and who founded it?
22:19 How can I contact Tina and Momin?


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