Meet Tom Ruwitch of Story Power Marketing, who went through a challenging process when it came to hiring the right people. He learned the importance of defining needs when networking with others and brought in outside help to improve his hiring process.

In this video, Tom shares his experiences and the steps he took to refine his hiring process, from bringing in experts to relying on direct referrals. He emphasizes the importance of networking with people who understand the value of 360-degree relationships, and defining your needs to make fruitful connections.

00:00 Intro
00:53 What was Tom Ruwitch’s main challenge in scaling their business?
03:46 What challenges did he face when hiring the right people?
05:34 What steps did Tom take to improve the hiring process?
07:43 What is the best way to find third-party resources for business solutions?
10:25 What is the most effective way to build valuable relationships in networking?
12:53 What is the importance of defining your needs when networking with people?
15:06 What are the four P’s and how can they help in networking?
18:23 How did Tom use networking to make his first hire at Story Power Marketing?
21:42 How does managing virtually differ from managing local staff in person?
23:45 What is the difference between delegating and abdicating?
24:47 What is the difference between abdication and delegation in a business?
31:35 What makes a good system?
36:24 Who is Tom Ruwitch and what is his business?
39:23 Ending


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