Do you feel like you’re constantly stuck in the trenches of your business, even though you’re trying to scale it? If so, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs and CEOs struggle with letting go of the day-to-day operations, even when they know they should be focusing on higher-level strategy.

In this video, you’ll get an in-depth look at Walter Crosby’s leadership approach and learn how to apply his techniques and values to your business.

00:00 Intro
01:09 What is Walter Crosby’s perspective on hiring and building a team?
03:18 How to set expectations and clarify deadlines to avoid miscommunication?
04:42 What techniques does Walter Crosby use to ensure fit for different roles?
08:42 How do core values relate to individual roles within a company?
09:29 What’s Walter Crosby’s example of how good customer service can benefit a business?
11:20 How do you create a self-policing culture?
14:59 Should you hire someone who is not right for the current role but may be suitable for a future role?
19:41 What is the key to being able to make difficult decisions?
21:48 What did Walter Crosby learn that helped him in his entrepreneurial ventures?
25:04 How to handle unexpected obstacles when trying to achieve a goal?
27:53 What is the importance of discernment in making decisions?
30:42 What is the key to making leaders?
31:07 How to prevent employees from constantly coming to you with their problems?
33:16 Who is Walter Crosby and what does he do?


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