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What is crawling in SEO? Where do they come from and are they even still important?

This is something that you should even know about and be considered in 2022 and beyond. Crawling is the process by which a search engine bot or spider visits web pages and indexes their content. Crawlers are an important part of SEO, as they are responsible for bringing new content to the attention of search engines. This process helps to ensure that websites are regularly crawled and indexed, which can help them rank higher on search engine results pages.

In this video, we will discuss the definition, the importance, and how crawling works in SEO. We will look at web crawlers and where they fit in the SEO kind of landscape.

00:00 Introduction
01:47 What does crawling mean in google?
03:16 What do web crawlers look for?
03:47 Why is crawling important?
04:45 Who crawls?
07:05 How to control what is crawled?
09:29 Why submit sitemap to google search console?
11:25 Outro


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