Building a team with Jason Skeesick is a transformative journey that takes entrepreneurs from the realm of solo hustlers to the pinnacle of Dynasty Organizations. In the realm of hiring, team management, and employee selection, Jason’s wisdom shines.

He learned his first crucial lessons in hiring by selecting those closest to him when he co-founded a CrossFit gym in Chicago. These initial team members, akin to the “first followers,” embodied a perfect fit with the gym’s culture. However, as the gym expanded, Jason encountered the challenge of hiring beyond his immediate circle.

Navigating the waters of hiring strategies, he discovered that identifying qualified candidates required more than cultural alignment. It necessitated defining roles and providing clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) and training. He emphasizes that hiring isn’t merely about culture; it’s about ensuring candidates have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. This shift in perspective propelled his businesses forward, ensuring everyone knew exactly what was expected of them.

In this video, Jason imparts invaluable insights into AI’s impact on team building and management. He explains how AI acts as a knowledge repository, offering general answers and guidance, but stresses the importance of human creativity and ownership in making businesses stand out. AI streamlines tasks and generates content, but it’s the human touch that elevates a company’s performance to new heights.

One key takeaway is Jason’s distinction between ownership and extreme ownership. The latter involves taking responsibility for every aspect of your business, leaving no room for blaming others. This philosophy aligns with the idea that “95% of workplace failures are because of poor systems, not poor people.” Jason emphasizes that businesses should strive for simplicity and seek roles that can be mastered by anyone, focusing on delivering consistent excellence.

Jason Skeesick’s journey in building teams and Dynasty Organizations is an inspiring testament to the power of strong team composition, clear employee qualifications, and well-defined roles.

Watch the full video to unlock the secrets to creating a thriving business in today’s competitive landscape


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