Erin Marcus, the Founder & CEO of Conquer Your Business, is a seasoned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in mentoring, training, teaching, and coaching. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve both financial and emotional freedom, enabling them to create businesses and lives they are proud of. Erin Marcus is at the forefront of empowering individuals to take charge, take action, and get results in their entrepreneurial journeys.

One of the secrets to Erin Marcus’s success lies in her ability to build winning teams. She understands the pivotal role of leadership in cultivating high-performing teams. Unlike her earlier experiences, where she managed teams without direct reports, Erin has evolved into a leader who focuses on creating an environment where her team members can thrive at their best. Her philosophy is centered on helping her team perform at the highest possible level while aligning with their individual goals and strengths.

In this video, Erin Marcus shares her invaluable insights on transitioning from being a solopreneur to a true business owner. She emphasizes the importance of treating your business as a separate entity from yourself, allowing it to thrive and invest in growth opportunities. Erin’s approach to team building and leadership is marked by fairness, predictability, and open communication. She believes in acknowledging mistakes, learning from them, and fostering a culture where team members are not afraid to make mistakes and grow.

Erin Marcus’s journey is a testament to the power of creating systems and delegating tasks. She has mastered the art of experimenting within a designated space without disrupting overall business operations. Her commitment to continuous improvement and her dedication to helping clients achieve their business goals shine through in every aspect of her work.

To tap into Erin Marcus’s wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can connect with her through Conquer Your Business. She offers branding and business strategies tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your business reaches new heights. Whether you’re a solopreneur looking to expand or a seasoned business owner aiming for growth, Erin Marcus is your trusted partner on the path to success.

00:00 Intro
01:07 How has Erin’s leadership style changed from her past businesses to her current role?
07:45 What distinguishes a leader from a manager?
10:23 Building team through connections
13:35 How does Erin foster a culture of collaboration and abundance in her leadership?
22:06 Erin thought on “your business is not about you”
25:41 What is the key mindset shift needed to become a business owner?
30:25 How to build a strong virtual team culture that balances work and personal life?
35:33 Why is predictability and fairness so essential in human interactions?
41:32 The Challenge of Staying Committed to a Successful Strategy
49:31 Who Erin is? Who does Erin serve? How does Erin serve? How can you reach Erin?
51:32 Outro


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