An Effective Content Strategy: Why You Must Switch to Video First Content in 2023?

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As any digital marketing expert knows, effective content is essential for engaging audiences and driving conversions. It's no secret that social media platforms are pushing video content more and more. 

As a business owner or marketing professional, you're always looking for ways to improve your content strategy. You want to reach more people, engage your audience more effectively, and boost your bottom line. So what's the best way to do that?

In fact, by 2023, it is estimated that every social media platform will be using video first as their main content strategy. However, with the ever-changing landscape of the Internet, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. One content strategy that is expected to take off in 2023 is video first content.  

If you're not already creating video content for your business, you're going to fall behind very quickly. Not only are videos engaging for consumers, but they also have a higher conversion rate than any other type of content. 

In this episode, we'll discuss the reasons why you should switch to video first content in 2023.

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Atiba de Souza: Okay, I'm just gonna say this flat. You must switch to a video first marketing strategy in 2023 for all of your content. Absolute must! There is no other way to go. 

Hey, everybody! Welcome to Thoughts on Thought Leadership. I am your host, Atiba. And today we're gonna be talking about why you must switch to video first marketing right now.

Yeah, right freaking now. The time is now. You're running out of time. Let me give you three reasons today. Three reasons why. 

Here's the first one. Look around for a moment. Every social platform is going to video first. Some of them like TikTok are only video. They're all going video first. That should clue you in right there. 

They spend millions and billions of dollars doing market research to figure out what consumers want and how consumers want to consume content, how your customers want to consume content. And what they're learning is that your customer, my customer, they all want video first. But okay, fine. I get it. You heard me say that.

Not just sounds, it can even sound kinda anecdotal, right? But let's talk about some hard facts. Let's talk about some statistics and some numbers. I've got two for you. Here are my two for you today. 

So now here's the second reason and I'm gonna give you some statistics for my next two reasons.

But here's the first statistic for my second reason why you must go video first with your content strategy in 2023. Here we go.

84% — I gotta read this cuz this blew me away. Okay. 84% of people make a purchase after watching a video from a brand. That's a HubSpot statistic. 84% of your consumers, 84% of the people who wanna buy from you want to watch a video from you before they make a purchase.

Let that sink in. In 2023, you have the potential to raise your revenue by 84% just by creating video. Let that sink in for a second. That's my reason number two. 

Reason number one, video first on every single platform. All the social platforms are going video first. Reason number two, 84% of people want to watch a video before they make a purchase from you.

Reason number three, 81% of consumers say that the ability to trust a brand to do the right thing can be the deciding factor or a deal breaker, and that's an Edelman statistic. Edelman did this research and they found that 81% — now, how does that relate to video, you say, Atiba? Well, get this. There is no better way to connect with your audience, there is no better way to show who you are, what your brand is all about, what you stand for, and build trust than with video. There is no other medium that does it, and 81% of your consumers want to know that they can trust you to do the right thing. They wanna know that you are going to do the responsible thing.

They wanna know that your brand is trustworthy. And my friends, there truly, truly is no better way to build trust than with video. Cuz speaking right here with you right now, you can see me. You can feel me. You are getting my energy. You're understanding something about me. We're connecting with each other and your customer wants to do that with you too.

All right! So those are the three reasons. The three reasons why you must go video first in your content marketing strategy in 2023. Every platform is going video first. That's number one. Number two, 84% of consumers make a purchase after watching a video. And the third one, 81% want to know that they can trust you and that you're gonna do the right thing and the best way to do that is through video. 

Those are three reasons why you must go video first in your content strategy in 2023, but you're probably still asking the question, "How?"

You're probably still asking the question, "What does it take?" We have a cheat code for you to download down below. Click the link down below. Get the cheat code on how you can start, whether it's organic or paid with video in 2023.


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