The Google-TikTok War: Who Will Win the Video Dominance Battle?

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It's hard to ignore the competition between TikTok and Google in the online video market. Both are wildly popular platforms that have made a name for themselves as leaders in this emerging space. Each platform has an impressive portfolio of video content, begging the question of what will come out on top in the battle of Tiktok vs Google?

The differences between the two platforms can’t be ignored, and each company is bringing its competitive edge to this battle. Tiktok is known for its fresh content and engaging videos, while Google is renowned for its search capabilities

There’s no denying that Tiktok vs Google is an exciting fight to watch unfold and who do you think will have the upper hand in this ongoing competition?

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Atiba de Souza: There's an impending war coming, and this is a major opportunity for you as a business owner to really outpace the entire field. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but believe me, it isn't. Because here's what's happening, my friends, number one, Google and TikTok are entering into a major, major war over video.

TikTok this year decided, "Hey, we don't just want to be an entertainment platform anymore. We want to be a search platform and start to go head to head with Google." Well, if you've been around for a little while, you know Google's not gonna sit around and just take that. They're gonna fight back, and that's what they've been doing with YouTube Shorts.

They've been pouring millions of dollars — I think in 2022, it was almost $800 million into short creators for the YouTube Shorts platform to attract creators and to create more content. Why? Because Google wants to rank more video content on page one of search results. 

So we have this war going on between Google and TikTok for video, and who's going to have the best video and the best video platform for your consumer to consume information about you, your brand, your products, and your services on. But why is that a big deal for you? Why is this so great for you? Well, here's why.

Let's think about a traditional war. When two countries go to war, what industries flourish? Well, one of 'em are the weapons manufacturers. If your manufacturing weapons during wartime, your business is going to flourish because these two countries need what? They need weapons. Duh. Right? 

Well, if Google and TikTok want to go to war over video, what's the weapon? The weapon is video. Where are they gonna get the video from? Creators. Who are those creators. You.

In this time, over these next few years, when they want to duke it out, those of us willing to create video and feed those platforms, they're going to push our video out in front of more of our ideal customer than ever before. You have a major opportunity. You have a major opportunity right now to outpace your competition who doesn't even realize that this war is happening.

You can become the major video player in your market and fuel not one, but both of the platforms and really, really, really outpace your industry. 

Now you can choose to say, "I hear you Atiba, but video is hard. I hear you Atiba, but video is this. I hear you Atiba, but I gotta lose 15 pounds. I hear you Atiba, but I don't like how I look on video. I hear you Atiba, but I don't like how I sound on video." And you'll miss the opportunity, and three, four years from now, you'll be sitting and you'll be watching all of your competition doing absolutely fabulously while you then are finally ready to get into video, and video would've become 3, 4, 5 times more expensive. Video is never going to be as inexpensive as it is right now to produce. Never again. It's only going to go up. And so right now, you have the opportunity to dominate your industry at the least expensive time to do it. 

So why not do it? Why not do it? Stop making the excuses. Stop it. Stop it. Stop making the excuse. I get that, it's scary. I get it, it's hard. Listen, I create video for a living. I help you create video for a living, and it's hard for me. I have to psych myself up to get on camera. But you gotta do it. But you have to do it. You have to do it. It's the only way. It's the only way for you to truly achieve the goals and the dreams that you have set forth in your business over the next 5 to 10 years. You have an opportunity right now, my friend. You've got that opportunity right now.

So I know you got questions. I know you do. What I want you to do is go to Come over to my LinkedIn, or if you're in LinkedIn right now, seeing this video, send me a message. Let's talk. I know you got questions. I want to answer those questions. Send me your question. Let's talk about it.

Let's talk about it cuz it's time. It's time for you to dominate your industry.


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