Upload Your First 5 Videos on Youtube Fast!

Upload your First 5 Videos on YouTube Fast

Video does not have to be hard, time-consuming, or scary if you follow a simple system.

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Why do I need Video?

Video is the Fastest way to build Authority!

No other medium allows you to connect with a single person more effectively than video.  When your brand connects with your potential customers you instantly build Trust.  Trust is the backbone of loyal customer relationships and increased lifetime value.

But Atiba.....

"What should I talk about"

I totally get it.  That's why in my system I've included a mini-class on how to find the perfect topics.  

It will literally take you 10 minutes and is so easy you can teach the average 12 year old to do it. 

Additionally you will have confidence that the topics you cover WILL be the perfect topics for your audience,

"I'm not a techie"

Luckily, I am and what I've done is simplified the ENTIRE process for you so all you need is your cell phone camera and that's it.

- No Video editing software!

- No fancy Lights

- No high tech computer

"Its gotta be perfect"

This is the biggest mindset shift my clients have to make: realize that your audience wants the authentic you not the perfect you.  I get it we see commercials and influencers and they always look perfect.  Naturally you want to look perfect too...but what your clients really want is the real you.

They want to connect with a human.  Humans are not perfect.

"I have an old cell phone"

Your phone may be "old" and you may think it wont shoot good video.  Any phone purchased 2018 until today will work.

But it's a valid concern so we created a comprehensive list of ALL the phones that CAN shoot quality video.

"I dont have a Youtube Channel"

Perfect, we are including an SOP on how to create your Youtube channel.

This is the same SOP we use to create channels for our clients.

"How will I know if I did it right"

Its super easy to feel like you recorded a video and dont know if you covered all the points.

Did you even introduce yourself.

We've got you covered.  Included in your package is an Infographic: The Anatomy of a Good Video.

What's Everyone Talking About?

You've Got Something Worth Sharing

I hope you know: I recommend very few….You’re special. You’ve got something worth sharing and everyone who meets you sees it.

Kasim Aslam

Doubled Our Sales Staff

We were always happy with the number of leads we were receiving from our website so we were a bit apprehensive to hire ClientAttractionPros.  It actually took us 2 years to hire them.  At about the 8th-month mark after we hired ClientAttractionPros the pandemic hit.  While many of our competitors closed our qualified leads through our websites tripled month over month.  We have doubled our sales staff and still can't keep up with the leads.

Caribbean Caterers

Campaigns that Deliver Results!

I am pinching myself....In the last 18 months since working with Atiba, he's been a dream come true. With a wealth of knowledge in the B2B SEO space, understanding the nuances of human to human communication in the new world of digital marketing he's a clear voice and cuts to the chase with no-nonsense and concise campaigns that deliver results. 

Edward van der Kleijn

Working with Atiba is a MUST!

For years I sat on an idea....a message I wanted to share with the world. I knew WHAT I wanted to share and WHO I wanted to serve... I just could not figure out HOW to become the thought leader necessary to make a difference.

Until....I met Atiba de Souza. Working with Atiba has been a life saver. He helped me better understand how to find where my ideal customers were at and how to position myself to grab their attention.

Anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and be thought leader in your space, working with Atiba is a must. Did I mention he is a super connector? I've made some incredible connections thanks to Atiba. Thank you my man!

Cletus Coffey

Ranked Pages on Page 1 of Google

Client Attraction Pros has consistently helped my clients over the last years rank web pages on Page 1 of Google for high value keywords.  What has been most impressive is we have worked together in several different industries with the same results.

Tony Teat

Qualified Leads Through Our Site Now

Our website had no traffic (less that 100 visits per month).  Within 18 months Atiba’s team increased that to over 1500 visits per month but more importantly, we are getting qualified leads through our website now.

Steve Taylor

Atiba is an SEO Slueth

I love every and any chance I get to work with Atiba to see his brilliance oozing out of his pores. His SEO strategies have made lasting impacts for site visitors, clients, and now content creators. I'm always impressed by his content marketing skills.

Lauren Petrullo

Started Getting Results in Just 2 Days!

After just two days since the first shorts were posted, it is evident that Atiba is onto something really big! I was lucky to get 10 views on my previous shorts. With the first one posted using his method of keyword research and tuning the shorts to his research, I had 43 views and 11 likes. After 2 days!

Taking videos that are already recorded and making shorts that are tuned to rank in Google is going to be an unfair advantage for anyone that wants to rank in Google, not just in YouTube.

Atiba is really easy to work with, he’s very responsive and has taken care of the whole process to make it painless

Russell McKenzie

See Why He Wears the Superman Hats

Atiba’s super power is SEO.  I see why he wears the superman hats.

Scott Cunningham

Helped Us Find the Missing Key to Page 1

Atiba and his team helped us find the missing key to getting both our videos and blog posts ranked on page 1 of Google.  It was not a hard change we needed to make but no one else could figure it out.

Uzair Kharawala

Atiba Makes Video EASY & Fun

Atiba has a way of making it exciting to create video. I'm not staring into a blank page trying to figure out what to say or how to see. He just makes the whole process easy and I'm actually having fun with video finally!!

Christina Hooper

You Have a Rare Ability

This is impressive.  You have the rare ability to see exactly where someone is in terms of knowledge and tailor your teaching exactly to that. Thank you.

Cyn Mobley

Helped Me Train the Dream Team

Having the personas has helped us in a number of ways - It's helped me train the dream team, it's helped me streamline our processes, it's helped us with marketing by using words that our target audience can identify with, it's helped us with pitching on discovery calls, and it's helped me with matching the dream team and goal achievers. 

Taishma Owens

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