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Get my content purposing tracker, content splintering planner, execution checklists (SOPs).

Get My Video Splintering System

What Do You Get In This System...?

We have the pleasure to repurpose hundreds and hundreds of videos and want to share with you our exact system of how we do that.  These 2 documents will help keep you and your team organized and you repurpose your past videos.

Content Repurposing Planner

You can turn a 10 minute video into a minimum of 15 pieces of repurposed content.  But how would you manage that.  What about the caption and hashtags for each piece of content?

My repurpose planner will keep you sane and organized so your editors and designers know exactly what to create.

Content Repurposing Tracker

Ok so, if you create 15 pieces of original repurposed content PER video AND you have to them in a bunch of different sizes for Linkedin, IG reels, Youtube, etc etc.  You could easily be looking at 60 files.  How ae you going to manage 60 NEW files?

Enter: the Repurposing Tracker.  The tracker allows you to easily track every single asset you have created and which platform it can be posted on

Execution Checklists (SOPs)

If the Repurposing Planner and Repurposing Tracker sound like a lot...THEY ARE.

It took us forever to develop these and we are constantly tweaking and making them better still.

Because I know they can be overwhelming I am including our SOPs and video trainings on HOW to use these tools.

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