Measure what Counts: YouTube Scorecard

Spray and pray posting does not work.  Neither does measuring likes and thumbs.  Measure what really matters and puts $$$ in the bank.

Get My Youtube Scorecard

You've been measuring wrong...?

Its easy to consider the reports that social tools produce as valuable.  After all they created the report so it must mean something, Right? Actually, NOPE, that's wrong.  Measuring likes and views and even just comments wont pay the bills.

Many people may tell you that it will, if you just get enough views eventually you will land a customer.  Ask any of them what the ratio is of views to customers and they will all go quite.

Metrics for Each Channel

This scorecard has the exact 3-4 metrics per social channel that we track per client.

Track Clicks from Social to your website

Unless you are selling in platform on social you need to get people to leave the platform.  Tracking how many people ACTUALLY leave the platform to view your website is the metric of where the rubber really meets the road and the path to revenue begins

YouTube Audit System

As a bonus, Ive included a few sheets for how we audit YouTube content.

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