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YouTube "Cheat Code" Bundle

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About YouTube "Cheat Code" Bundle

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Mastering Video Planning

Text lesson

Premium course Video Brief Masterclass

Master the art of preparing to create a great video

Text lesson

Premium course Video Brief Template

Mastering YouTube

Text lesson
Text lesson

Premium course YouTube SOP Vault


Text lesson

Premium course Canva Thumbnail Pack

Text lesson

Premium course Picture Perfect Tutorial

How to Look Good on Camera for Beginners

About the Teacher

Atiba de Souza

I know video seems hard and very time-consuming...
... but I was creating videos for YouTube 14+ years ago and doing SEO before the term was invented. I've had YEARS working with hundreds of clients and I know what works.Now my company specializes in help busy expert entrepreneurs get more of the right kind of videos out in the world so they can book more speaking engagements, become a recognized authority, and spend less time chasing clients.

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