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If you're looking for an honest FatJoe SEO review, you've come to the right place. I'm not going to pull any punches in this video - I'll tell you whether or not I think FatJoe is a scam. 

FatJoe SEO is a product on the market that promises to help you rank higher on Google. It was founded in 2012 and has become one of the world's largest providers of outsourced Link Building, SEO Services, Content Creation, and Design and Video services. But can it deliver on that promise? 

So, if you're curious about FatJoe SEO, I'll give you my honest opinion of whether or not I think FatJoe is worth your money.

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Atiba de Souza: Is Fat Joe, a scam. Seriously, that's a major question. And I get it. If you're looking at Fat Joe for the first time, or maybe even the 10th time, you may be considering, is this a scam, there are a lot of people out there who claim to do some of the stuff that Fat Joe doesn't then, I mean, what does Fat Joe— not the rapper Fat Joe, I'm talking about FatJoe.com.

What do they have to know about writing and link-building and all that type of stuff? Welcome to Traffic Keys, everyone. I am your host Atiba, and that's today's topic. We're going to look at Fat Joe. And if you were a business owner and you're looking to drive more traffic to your website, you want to drive more traffic to your website which you should.

And you want to do it organically, then you are in the right place. Welcome, 'cause today, we're going to be talking about Fat Joe, which helps you with, really, two sides of your SEO and several different pieces of the keys to traffic. Now, as you know. I talk about the keys to traffic all the time. That's what we talk about here on Traffic Keys.

And there are three keys to traffic. The first one, is understanding your audience. Fat Joe doesn't really help you with that one, but that's okay because that's on you to do, and we spend a lot of time doing that together here on this channel. The second one, is creating content for that audience.

Fat Joe definitely can help you with this one. And I'm going to show you how today. And then, the third, the third, is your SEO and specifically your On-page and your link-building. Because traffic keys will help you with— it's not traffic keys, ha ha it's not me ha ha ha ha. Fat Joe. Because Fat Joe will help you write content. They definitely help you with your On-page SEO, but then they also can do link-building for you, which will help you with your Off-page SEO.

It sounds too good to be true? Yeah, it might, but let's dive in any way. I want to kind of show you a trap of— I keep saying traffic keys. I want to show you Fat Joe here, but before I do, before I do, Hey, if you're used to me stumbling over my words and you're enjoying it here and you've been learning some stuff, or even if you're brand new, do me a favor, hit that like, and subscribe button and don't forget about that bell to find out about more videos where I'm going to teach the keys to traffic, wild stumbling over my words and having my phone go off in the middle of, of my, my, my talks. So ha ha ha, that's what we do here. I try to keep it real with you guys. Try to let you know, you know, the stuff that I've learned over really the last 15 plus years being in the SEO and traffic industry for businesses.

Alright. So let's dive in. This is the Fat Joe website and today, and, you know, it says SEO on demand, link-building on demand, blah, blah, blah, copywriting on demand. Great, wonderful. Okay. As we scroll down, you'll see their core services here, they do Blogger Outreach. And you're gonna ask me a question.

What the heck is Blogger Outreach? I'm going to answer all of these and we're gonna talk about all of these very brief detail, and then we'll come back later and dive into some more about how they actually do it. Okay. But Blogger Outreach basically is link-building. Alright. Now the rules of link-building state, "You cannot pay someone to publish your link on their website." According to Google, that's against terms of agreement with Google and they frowned upon that. They're not happy with you if you do that. So you cannot pay someone to put your link on their website. However, you can pay someone to write up a blog article and include you in that blog article, and by including you they'll put a link to your website in that blog article. That's actually legal and that's perfectly fine. So that's what Blogger Outreach is. Okay. Niche Edits. Niche Edits are different than Blogger Outreach, although similar, but Niche Edits have a particular benefit in that. Let's say you're in— it doesn't really matter what niche you're in, to be honest with you, whatever niche you're in, what Fat Joe does is they go out and find bloggers. Who've already written about that niche who already have an article written that has traffic going to it currently. And then they ask them to make an edit to their article, to include information about you, some service you provide or your thought on a topic, whatever it may be to include you.

The upside of Niche Edits over Blogger Outreach, is Blogger Outreach is a brand new article. So that brand new articles still has to get index. It still has to start getting traffic before it starts sending you traffic. Whereas, with Niche Edits, you're going after articles that are already written that are already established that already have traffics.

So that's really, really cool. But they can also do Blog Writing for you and for your own website or website copywriting for the other parts of your website. They'll also write articles for you and press releases. Okay. They'll do some keyword research for you and local citation building. They do an awful, awful lot, and they even get into doing some graphic design in the infographic space, et cetera, et cetera.

Okay. Now that's a lot of what Fat Joe does, but I know you're sitting here and you're saying, okay, "Is this just another review video?" No. And I should have said this out in the outfront, this is not just another review video. Okay, because as we jump in here, I want you to see, these are my current orders. I currently have an order with Fat Joe and it said, okay, dude, you currently have an order with Fat Joe.

That's cool. But here's what I also want to show you. Here, under my archives orders. Look at all of these orders here. I've been using Fat Joe for a while, for a while. Okay. So I'm not telling you this, I'm not reviewing Fat Joe, from the perspective of, Ooh, I heard about Fat Joe. Let's go talk about what they do.

I've actually used Fat Joe and received benefits. Okay. Their stuff works. Now, is it perfect? No. And I want to be clear with you on this. I want to be extremely, extremely clear with you, especially when you're talking about link-building. You don't know the links that you're going to build that are going to yield you the most bang for your buck. Point and fact, there was an article that we did about two years ago for a client. And we went out to do some link-building for this article and I was on Fat Joe and I actually had them do some Niche Edits at that time for this particular client. Okay. And for whatever reason, I had a credit with them or something.

And so I was able to throw in a niche at it from, you know, that I didn't think was going to be worth a lot. And you'll understand what I mean in just a minute. So I bought three Niche Edits for this one article in this particular month. Okay. Three months later, two of those Niche Edits that I did, the ones that I went on and thought, oh yeah, these are going to be the ones that are actually going to drive some traffic to this website.

They were driving my 10% of the traffic. That third Niche Edit that I did the one that it was kind of just thrown in there because I had a Fat Joe credit. And I was just going to use for this client. Yeah. That one was driving major, major, major traffic. That's just the way it is.

You don't know. So, link-building is always a gamble. It doesn't matter who you use or what your method is. It is always a gamble. Some links will work really well and some won't. Period. Dot. So anybody who is out there promising you that, "oh, I'm going to build your links. And they're definitely going to drive traffic to your website."

They're lying. You cannot predict that. You cannot predict it. Okay. Alright. So let's move on. I'm going to look at a couple of Fat Joe's services with you guys today. Some— and I'm going to say, I say these are the most popular because these are the most popular for what I use. And this is where Fat Joe kind of started.

Okay. So they've built a lot of services on top, but these are some of their core things here. So, the first one here is the Blogger Outreach. For the Blogger Outreach, it's priced by the domain tier that you want to purchase. And this is what I was saying. And the Niche Edits work the exact same way. This is exactly what I was saying about the articles that are the leashes that I bought for that client, for that particular article a couple of  years ago.

So we came in here and as you see, it's priced by the domain authority of the site that you want your— to point back to you. Okay. For the backlink. Okay. So I typically buy DA 30 or DA 40. Now, what you want to do is figure out what your domain rating is or your domain authority is. And by links that are— not by links, excuse me. By do Blogger Outreach, excuse me, let me use the correct term. Don't going to get in trouble. Blogger Outreach on sites that have a greater domain authority than yours. Okay. So that site that I was— we did a couple of years ago, I think they were in the mid for their domain authority. So we were buying 30's and 40's for them, 30's and 40's.

Right. So I bought one 30 and one 40 for them thinking, okay, those will be good. Those will help it. Those will drive some traffic and everything else. I thought those would be great. The credit I had was either a DA 10 or a DA 20. I don't remember to be honest right now. It was either DA 10 or DA 20.

I just bought it. And I said, yeah, it probably is not going to yield a lot. And it yielded a ton, it yielded at a ton. So the first thing that I wanted to share with you is when you're doing link-building, when you're doing Blogger Outreach, and you're looking at the money that you have and the budget that you have to spend on this, you don't have to go all the way up to a DA 50+, you can get a range of different articles at different levels because you don't know which one is going to work.

What I can tell you is you have a better chance of the higher domain authority sites, driving more quality traffic to you. You have a better chance, however, you just don't know. You just don't know. Okay. So I've— Niche Edits from them at all different levels of domain authority. And they've worked, I've bought DA 10's that have worked well, and I bought DA 50's that have been duds.

It's not their fault. It has to do with the traffic and just your industry. Okay. It cannot be predicted. It cannot be predicted. So, that's one of the things that I have to stress with you when you're using a service like Fat Joe is that when you're doing Blogger Outreach, don't come in here and just plan on buying one thing.

Don't buy just one article. If you have budget, figure out how you can spread that budget and to get the most bang for your buck with your budget. Okay. Don't say I've got, you know, if you're here in the U.S. I've got $482, and so I'm just going to buy one DA50. No, if you've got $482, spread it over these other levels as well.

Get more length then just the one. Get more, buy more if you can. Okay. So, now, the question that people ask all the time is, okay, so if I choose a DA30 site, do I get to choose which site? I know there's some services out there that will allow you to choose which site that you can get your article on.

That's not the way Fat Joe works. Now, I'll be honest with you and tell you, I'm not naming any names right now, but I have used those sites as well. And I keep coming back to Fat Joe, because somehow or the other, when I choose the site that I want to do Blogger Outreach with, somehow or the other, none of those sites ever seem to work as well as I think they should. Ever.

And I mean, ever. And I bought hundreds and hundreds of links and, ever. And that's why I keep coming back to Fat Joe. It's why I keep coming back over here. Okay. Next is Niche Edit, so we kind of we kind of talked about this a little bit. One of the things that I do like with Fat Joe, is they will give you a bit of a video on most of their products to kind of tell you what it is. What it is and what it does.

Okay. But same thing here, you got the different tiers and you paid based on the tier. And again, Take your budget and spread it over as many tiers as you can. As a matter of fact, I even take my budget and spread it over multiple products. So I may buy a Blogger Outreach and two Niche Edits or two Niche Edits and one Blogger Outreach, depending on the budget.

Okay. Depending on the budget. So, those are the two services. I use them all the time. Love 'em. They do a great job for me. The next thing that I want to show you guys here is their writing services. So, they've now split these off into two types of writing services. It used to just be writing, you know, like Blog Writing.

Now they do Copywriting and also Blog Writing. And there are two different levels for each. So either the Basic or the Pro. This is like anything else with writers and even with the links. Yes, the pro's going to cost you more, but that doesn't mean it's going to be better. If I am getting writing done, I'm going to say, hey, I need 3, 4, 5 articles done.

I will split it over Pro versus the Basic level, and sometimes— and I've seen this. I've seen where the Basic level has outperformed the Pro and I've seen where the Pro has outperformed the Basic. So, let's take a look at this a little closer here. The basic writing level here is based on the number of words that you want in your article that you get to dictate that and you pay based on that.

So a 250 word article. Okay. Blog, 13 bucks. You really can't beat that, guys. You really can't beat that. When you consider most blog articles that are coming around closer to between 500 and 750 words. If you go to 750, it's still only 40 bucks. That's not bad. That's not bad at all. That's not bad at all for the basic blog writing.

Okay. Now, when you step up to the Pro. The Pro here, the price does go up some and they do a little bit more work for you with the Pro. Okay. They're doing more work to try to make sure that the article that they write for you not only is a good article, but also is going to meet some pretty stringent SEO standards.

I know that they also use a Surfer SEO, which is one of my favorite tools. It's actually my 1 and 1A— I don't know. I call it some days. I call it my favorite. Some I call it my second favorite tool. It really is way up there as one of my favorite tools. On Surfer SEO. Okay. By the way, I've got links to all of this stuff down below, too.

So you can get your link to Fat Joe. It is an affiliate link, just full disclosure. Okay. Full disclosure, it is an affiliate link. So, I do get a tiny little cut if you decide to use them. But I'm recommending them not because I get a cut, I'm recommending them because as you saw, I use these guys all the time. Okay.

So, their website, Copywriting Pro, or their Blog Writing Pro, I think they're both the same price here going all the way up to 2000 words. You know, you're talking just over 10 cents a word, which is about market rate for a decent writer. And that's okay. This is great. This is great. The upside I'm going to show you this, now I'm going to place an order here for the writing. The upside here as you come in and you tell it how many articles you want, and they're going to ask you for your word count and remind you of the price. Let's say we go with 150— 1500 words, excuse me. And then they'll say, what's your title or concept. Okay.

And it's not required, so you can give them a title or they'll create one for you. Then, which, let me just say this. I always create my title. I'm not always a fan of the titles that they create, personally. Alright. Website or target audience, remember, when we talk about traffic, you've got to know who your audience is, right?

So you can give them your URL here. You can tell them about your audience here. Alright. Suggested keywords. If you're going to create an article, you just gotta know what the keyword that you're targeting is, the writing style. Okay. And then lastly, which is something that they just recently added, which is super helpful is American English or British English.

Why this is super helpful is because it used to only be in British English. And that's what you would get. And then you would have to, you would get the article and then you'd still have to go through it, read it and change a couple of the little British things like flavor. If you use that word or color, that's spelled with an O U R and here in America, they only spell it with O R . It was easy for me cause I grew up in a British country. And so, I know British English and I know American English, so I could always make that change. And then lastly, a Project Brief, if you've got more that you want to tell them, you can here. So, that's how you would order Blog Writing, or even copywriting with Fat Joe.

So guys, here's what I want to tell you. I know it might be scary to spend this money. Okay. I am a seasoned SEO. I do this, I run an agency. This is who I use. This is who I use. Okay. If I need a quick article done, I'll come here. I do have writers. Sometimes they have a backlog. I'll come here and let Fat Joe write for me.

Okay. Likewise, I'll come here all the time and let Fat Joe do Blogger Outreach and Niche Edits for me, as well. Alright. The Blogger Outreach and the Niche Edits are very simple to order just like the content writing. Here, you tell it which level you want. And a word count, the anchor text that you want.

And then the link that you wanted to point back to. Very simple, you order it, you pay for it and you're good to go. So would I tell you, you should use Fat Joe? Absolutely. Absolutely, a hundred percent. This is something that you should try if you haven't already, if you haven't on— or if you're using another service, give Fat Joe a try, see how they are. I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed. I've yet to be disappointed. And I've been using them for several years. Yet to be disappointed, even in the writing, you can do reviews with the writing. So let's say they write something which they did for me recently, I had them write three articles for me.

One of them I did not like. I sent it back to them and said, hey, please rewrite this, this isn't good quality because of this, this and that. And their going to rewrite it at no additional cost. So, hit the link down below, go check out Fat Joe today, you won't be disappointed. Alright, everybody, talk to you soon. Bye-bye.

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