Surfer SEO Audit Feature Review: How to Perform a Comprehensive SEO Audit

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Looking to perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your content? Look no further! Check out the SurferSEO Audit feature!  

The Surfer SEO audit feature helps you to identify and fix on-page SEO problems that may be preventing your website from ranking higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). The surfer seo audit feature helps you do all of this by providing you with a comprehensive report that includes information on the following:

  • Your website's SEO health score
  • Detailed insights on your website's overall SEO performance
  • A list of issues affecting your website's SEO and how to fix them
  • SEO tips for improving your website's ranking in SERPs

In this episode, I’ll show you a brief overview of the SurferSEO Audit and show you how to use it to get the most out of your website's SEO. Let's get started!

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Atiba de Souza: Hey, so one of the things that I absolutely love about SurferSEO — and you've heard me talk about Surfer before — is its audit feature. So for a lot of our clients with written content, we've got to audit their pages. We usually do it about every six months or so. We look at which pages are performing well, which pages are performing okay, and which pages are obviously are performing poorly. Now, okay, meaning that there's somewhere between position 11 to 34 keywords that we really, really want them to rank on page one for. And so that's what I've got today is I got one of these pages and we just did an audit on this page using SurferSEO.

We know that the keyword that we want this page to rank for is Maryland In Home Senior Care. Okay. And we came into Surfer, we did the audit and hear the results, and this is why I love it. Okay, so it's gonna tell you what you're doing well. So content score is good. My content score is very high, which is great, right?

But even with the content score at 91, you'll see there's still things that we can do to make this better. Because right now this page is ranking at number 11 and we want to get up to page one, middle of page one at least. Okay? So I was gonna tell we were missing some backlinks so I can send these backlinks off to my team and say, "Hey, we need to build some of these backgrounds." Like, I'm looking at this right now, MarketWatch. I know we can get into the MarketWatch and wikiHow, really easily. Home Instead, that might be a little bit harder, but some of these here — I'm looking at PRWeb — I know I can get us onto some of these pages, really even get these backlinks. So we'll do that.

Internal links looking good, but then come down here terms to use. Even though my content score was high, it's saying I could get even higher. We are using the term "in home care" too many times. Look at this. It says to remove these terms three to nine times, right?

In home care provider, which is a subset of in home care obviously, remove it once. So we've got all of these terms here that I can remove. Then it tells me the terms that I should consider adding as well into my content. Okay? So all of these different terms that I should consider adding into the content, and it tells me which ones are NLP, which means they're more important to Google than the ones that are not like adult day.

If you can't get this one in, no problem. Ignore it, but try to get as many of the NLP as possible. Okay? Then scrolling down further, it will show me all the terms where I'm actually doing really, really well for terms that Google is looking from an SEO perspective. So those are the terms, but then we come that word count.

So you saw all those terms to add. Well, how are you gonna add all those terms? Well, look, it says, we can actually increase our word count by a minimum of 1500 words. We can increase our word count. Okay? Other than that, we're looking good. Green is good. Blue is good. We're looking really, really good. Okay?

Can you use some more images? So obviously. If we're adding that many more words, we're going to add some more images into the page as well. And the developer, look at this, the developer missed adding a meta description. Boom! That's a big one. That's got to be fixed as well. Not a direct SEO ranking, but definitely helps with clickability in search results when you get to page one. 

So we've gotta make sure that gets fixed. All right. So absolutely wonderful tool here that Surfer provides to be able to do an audit. Now, the last thing I'm gonna show you really, really quickly is, you can even in hear, select your competitors. So there's a .gov website. Well, maybe we don't want to be compared to a .gov website. Okay? Maybe that we don't.

And there's like, which blocks the amount of words on the page by 9,600. And they're just a comparison site listing a bunch of people and maybe we don't wanna be compared to them. So we could take them right off end. The audit will adjust. And then there's some that were left off, like right at home and we want be compared to them. We can add them on. All right, everybody. That's the audit of SurferSeo that feature absolutely wonderful. 

Get SurferSEO. There's a link down below for it. Bye.

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