What Is the Top Technique for SEO in 2022?

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What is the top technique for SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine's unpaid results, or page results. The goal of SEO is to increase traffic and sales for your business.

SEO has been around for a long time, and it's gotten really, really complicated over the years. But it doesn't have to be that way! You can use this knowledge to help you stand out from the crowd, get more traffic, and increase your revenue without having to spend a ton of money.

SEO has changed drastically since its inception. The trend now is to focus on organic SEO, which means using strategies that are built around the user experience on your site.

Want to know some of those techniques and strategies?

In this episode, we are going to discuss the top techniques for SEO in 2022.

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Atiba de Souza: Hey, everybody! Welcome to Traffic Keys Media. I am your host, Atiba. And today, we're going to be answering this question. What are the top techniques for SEO? Yeah, this is a question that I get a lot. Okay. I've been in SEO a very long time and it's a question I get a lot .People always want to know, "What's the shortcut? What's the technique? What should I do? How should I approach this?" Guess what? The top technique, the absolute top technique for great SEO is knowing your audience. If you don't know your audience, it really doesn't matter. And I'm going to tell you how I learned this. Okay. I learned this way back in 2013 and 2013, I was doing SEO on a website, for a website, and the traffic was great. 

We were getting a lot of traffic on the site. The site owner was happy. Things were wonderful. And when the keyword research was still a bit in its infancy back then, there weren't a ton of ton of tools that were giving you real good data and so on and so forth. But I found when I was looking under the hood at where the traffic was coming from for this website and the terms that were generating the traffic for that website, had nothing to do with the site itself. Yeah, it was crazy. It was a food website that we were working on and if I remember correctly, it was something like it was an animal, like a giraffe or something that was generating the most traffic because there were a few blogs that mentioned something about animals and Google latched on to that and was sending all kinds of traffic. 

That was looking for information on animals to this food website. Guys, that sucks. Yeah. And if that's your site, it sucks too, right? Because you're getting traffic, but it's the wrong traffic. And so, so many people get focused on, "What's the number one technique in SEO that's going to help me drive more traffic?" 

It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is knowing your audience and what your audience wants, if you know who your audience is and what they want, and that's what you're delivering, that's the number one technique. Because you can do, and I can teach you, and I can tell you all sorts of things that you can do that will bring traffic to your website, but it'll be the wrong people. 

It could be the wrong eyeballs. It would be people who don't care a darn thing about what you need. Let me give you another example of this. There was a company that reached out to me some years ago, it was probably about two or three years ago, so now, and they wanted us to promote their backlinking service. 

Right. And they said, "Listen, here's some statistics." And they showed us some of their other clients, and the type of traffic increases that we could track that their other clients got based on the backlinks that they built in, and they proved it all. They had the metrics and I was able to verify all of the metrics that they sent and then I was like, "Yeah, okay, y'all are driving traffic, but now, where are you putting those links and what is this traffic about?" And I— "Oh, no no. That doesn't matter, we're getting you traffic." But it absolutely matters! Because if you're getting me the wrong traffic, if you're getting me traffic that doesn't want my product or service, it's worthless. It's absolutely worthless.

So, the number one technique, the number one technique in SEO is know your audience and know what they want and then give it to them. Give it to them. Don't worry about all the other stuff right now, because if you're not doing that, all the other fancy SEO techniques that you could, would or should try, won't yield you the results that you actually want. 

So, that's my number one technique, guys. I hope that helps if you have any questions about that, ask me down below. 'Cause it's super important that you understand this and if you don't know your ideal audience and you don't know what they want, guess what? I even have a course where I help you figure that out and I'll put a link to that down below as well. 

Alright, everybody. I will see you real soon. Bye bye.

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